Golden Route

December 25, 2016
Golden Days
December 26, 2016

Golden route from  Shiraz to  Tehran

Duration : 9 days
Itinerary : Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan, Kashan, Tehran
Arrival : Shiraz

Departure : Tehran
Day 1: Arrive Shiraz  Arrive and check-in to your hotel in the late evening.

Day 2: Persepolis & Shiraz – After a late breakfast we will proceed with a tour of Persepolis before returning back to the city for a little bit of sightseeing.

Day 3: Shiraz 

Day 4: Pasargadae / Yazd – A short drive first takes us to the ruins of Pasargadae before continuing on to Yazd

Day 5: Na’in / Isfahan – Leaving Yazd for the jewel of ancient Persia, Isfahan.

Day 6: Isfahan 

Day 7: Kashan / Tehhran – On the way back to Tehran we stop in Kashan for a tour of this historic city that dates back over 6000 years.

Day 8: Tehran 

Day 9: Tehran and Depart– After breakfast you are free to depart anytime.